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These guarantees apply to puppies that were purchased at normal prices and for which full payment has been received with signed contract. Improperly-handled payments on the part of the buyer and puppies sold at discounted prices do not qualify for this guarantee. If buyer has not followed guidelines for vaccinations and proper health care for the breed that was purchased will null and void any guarantee listed below.

ALL DOGS bred and sold by Center Fire Kennels are under veterinary supervision. Puppies are given preventative medicines at prescribed intervals to treat and prevent issues such as worms, kennel cough, skin/ear pests, giardhia, etc. They also receive their first vaccinations before leaving us and will be kept UTD according to age.

ALL DOGS BRED AND SOLD BY Center Fire Kennels WILL BE REPRESENTED AND EVALUATED AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE AT TIME OF SALE. Our puppies are checked for hernias, tooth/jaw correctness, eye problems, joint problems, and other normal issues that can be observed in a small puppy around 6 to 7 weeks of age. All breeds of dogs can have health situations found within the breed. Our dogs have been selected not just for dispositions, but also for health and conformation, so we do not expect to find health problems in the puppies. Should one occur, however, we will not hide it!

Short-term health: Buyers have 72 hours from the time of purchase/exchange of hands to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian (at buyer's expense). If a puppy is determined to have an unacceptable health problem by the buyer's veterinarian in that time frame that will significantly affect its long-term quality of life (not including illnesses/conditions such as colds, viruses, retained testicles, mange, coccidiosis, worms, etc.), and which is confirmed by the seller's veterinarian, the buyer may return the puppy at the buyer's expense. In the event of a puppy death in this time, a veterinary report from the veterinarian treating/examining the puppy must be submitted to our veterinarian for inspection. A refund or a trade for a different puppy of the same gender and approximate price will be arranged if determined by veterinarians that it was no fault of the buyers.

No refunds/reimbursements for travel costs or health care are offered.

Long-term health: Our dogs are all healthy and free of genetic health problems. However, if a puppy develops a genetic health problem within one year of its birth that significantly and negatively affects its long-term quality of life (such as hip dysplasia or epilepsy), diagnosed by the buyer's licensed veterinarian within that first year of age and that is confirmed with the seller's veterinarian, we want to resolve the issue with you. If both veterinarians agree that the condition was genetic, we may be able to offer to trade a different puppy of similar price and gender. Buyer would pay travel and veterinary costs.

Any medicating or care of any kind that the buyer provides the puppy will be at the buyer's expense. The buyer may choose to provide medical care or to euthanize a critically ill puppy. Center Fire Kennels will not reimburse for medical care.

Refunds/exchanges are only given for puppies determined to have an unsoundness/unhealthiness that will significantly affect its quality of life that was not preventable, and agreed upon by both buyer's and seller's veterinarians. Buyer would pay travel and veterinary costs. Injuries received or preventable illnesses occurring in puppies after leaving Center Fire Kennels do not apply to this guarantee.

Puppies offered for sale at a reduced price or those given away for free due to a defect are rare. In the event that we have this occur, those puppies are offered "as is," without guarantees. We will not replace a puppy with another puppy if the original puppy was free or priced was reduced, for example.

Our puppies will be dewormed several times, and will have received vaccinations at about six or seven weeks of age while in our care, and it will be up to the new owner to continue its health program. Until this series of inoculations has been completed at about 16 weeks of age, the puppy should not be exposed to premises known to be or suspected of being contaminated, or to unhealthy animals. For the Humane Society's list of vaccination recommendations, click here. But, ask your vet for the recommended health care regimen for your geographic location.

Color:  We try to predict puppy color accurately, but with some colors, it is difficult to be 100% correct while puppies are young. We do not guarantee that the color we predict will be correct at the puppy's maturity, and offer no refunds if the color is not correct.

Size:  We try to predict puppy size accurately, but it is difficult to be 100% correct while puppies are young. We do not guarantee that the size we predict will be correct at the puppy's maturity, and offer no refunds if the size is not correct. Final size can be affected by gender and nutrition as well as genetics.

Legal Notes: All puppies/dogs purchased from Center Fire Kennels will be considered sold in Morgan County, Kentucky, regardless of the location of the buyer. Therefore, the transaction location is Morgan County, Kentucky.


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